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These thermo graphic images show the differences in the amount of infrared heat radiated by a typical home with traditional windows and siding, and that same home with Colorado Window and Door Vinyl Windows with Peak Performance ® Insulated Glass Package and acrylic stucco siding with Platinum Series 3.6 R-Factor Insulation over traditional lap siding.

Before thermal image before

Typical Home with traditional windows and siding

After thermal Image After

Same home with Atrium Vinyl Windows, Peak Performance® Insulated Glass Package and acrylic stucco siding.


The bright areas of the above left image reveal problems usually only seen on utility bills: heat loss-and lots of it-escaping from old windows with traditional single-pane glazing. Even the wall surfaces report heat loss, indicating a poorly insulated home. The deep blue shades in the above right image indicate a drastic reduction in energy loss with the addition of Atrium from Colorado Window and Door and acrylic stucco siding with Platinum Series Insulation. Depending on your geographical location, we will show you how new windows and stucco with insulation will help you to reduce your energy costs and pay off in the long run.


ENERGY STAR® performance requirements for windows and doors are tailored to fit the energy needs of the country’s four broad climate regions – Northern, North/Central, South/Central, and Southern states. Colorado falls under the Northern and North-Central regions. The ENERGY STAR® Climate Region Map provides you clear guidelines for determining which windows will do the best job in reducing the heating and cooling costs in your region – and more specifically, your home.

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Vinyl Windows: An Eco-Friendly Choice

Exceptionally energy-smart and weather tight, Thermal and Atrium® from Colorado Window and Door not only reduce fuel consumption needed to heat and cool homes, they also boast a long service life and achieve optimal material use and minimal waste in production. Virtually all in-plant vinyl scrap is recycled into other useful products, further reducing the environmental impact of waste. And because vinyl never needs to be painted, it helps eliminate paint, stain and other maintenance-related products from entering the waste stream or releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. Vinyl windows also are eco-friendly because vinyl resin is derived largely from common salt- a sustainable and abundant natural resource!*
*Source: “A Clear View: Vinyl Windows and the Environment,” n.d.,>(3 Dec 2008)

Milgard Essence® Wood/Fiberglass Windows and Doors

Milgard® Essence™ Series windows and doors offer advanced construction in the timeless look of wood windows for your home. The Essence Series features the elegance of a solid wood interior with a low maintenance fiberglass structural core and exterior. They’re the only wood windows backed by our Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage Coverage. And they offer the savings of being ENERGY STAR® qualified, without costly upgrades. With Essence Series, it’s easy to re-imagine the possibilities for your home.

Wood Replacement Window
See our Milgard Essence Windows and Doors for more information and color options.

The Milgard Ultra™ Series Fiberglass Windows and Doors

Fiberglass Replacement WIndows
Fiberglass Windows
Milgard Ultra™ Series windows and doors are fiberglass inside and outside. They feature the low maintenance of fiberglass, and come in a palette of rich, designer colors. Add warmth and beauty to your home. They are backed by our Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage Coverage. And they offer the savings of being ENERGY STAR® qualified, without costly upgrades.