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A non-bearing exterior cladding used to weatherproof, beautify and insulate commercial and residential structures.

  • Light weight and will not stress the design of the structure
  • Does not consume interior space
  • Employs a moisture barrier.
  • High resistance to sharp impact damage
  • Solid mechanical attachment
  • Excellent performance and weather protection
  • Highly energy efficient, takes advantage of the “mass effect” of the structure
  • The exterior insulation tends to move the dew point toward the outside of the wall
  • Easily accessorized with architectural enhancements
  • Practically any combination of color or texture can be achieved

Applicable Substrates

Substrates: Brick, Concrete Block, Concrete, Stucco, Exterior Gypsum, Exterior Grade Plywood, Cement Board, Oriented Strand Board, Aquatough, Masonry, Siliconized-core Gypsum Board.

Limitations: Application by Total Wall approved applicators only.

Application: Temperature must be maintained at or above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Freshly applied products must be protected from precipitation.

System Summary (PDF)


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