This project started as a window job and recolor, with stucco to patch around windows after taking out the old windows.

During the demo of the old windows, we discovered a leak over two windows.

After diagnosing the leaky windows, we realized there was no flashing above any of the windows, and that the original stucco company stuccoed on top of the window frame. This did not allow the windows to weep water correctly, and water infiltrated the building’s walls. The customer wanted to know how we could best fix the problem.

We told the customer that it needed to be brought up to current building code. This meant cutting the old stucco away to properly install the new windows. We cut back the stucco five inches to get the original window install, then we added vapor seal tape and metal flashed to every window, for a water tight seal. After the windows went in, we added pop outs and stuccoed in color to match. The new stucco is Senergy Elastomeric Stucco, which flexes to reduce cracks and seams.


Before                                              After