Stucco Project:

Pull Permit/Provide Dumpster
Optional Upgrade: apply 3/8″ fanfold foil backed insulation board (R V 3.6)
Install 2 ply, Grade D water resistant paper
Apply window water seal sheeting around window openings
Install pop out profiles around windows, doors, and garage doors
Apply 17 gauge wire lathe – First Inspection
Brown coat with stucco base plaster system with fiberglass “E” Reinforcement
Allow cure time (based on weather conditions)
Color coat applied
Final Inspection


Upgrade from acrylic stucco finish to elastomeric stucco finish
Pop outs in a second color
Cultured stone installed
Belly Bands, Keystones, Quoins, Arches, or other architectural enhancements

Additional Projects to consider:

Soffits: paint or vinyl soffit board
Fascia: paint or wrap
Gutters & downspouts: paint or 5″  seamless installed

Homeowner Responsibilities:

Remove all breakable items from interior walls
Move all landscaping items away from house
Trim shrubs and trees back 3 feet from house; cover items in yard
Fencing and posts, satellite, dish, and any hardware that may need to be moved
Exposed wires should be rerouted by appropriate service provider
Outlet covers, water and sprinkler covers may need to be changed
Window cleaning recommended after project completion


Not responsible for damaged or broken roof tiles or metal panels. We recommend a roofing company clear a 3′ path free of roofing materials in order for any roof wall to receive stucco
Not responsible for delays due to weather
Not responsible for damage or discoloration due to water or weather
Not responsible for inconsistencies with smooth or fine finishes
Dark colors are not guaranteed against efflorescence or fading
Owner must provide potable water supply in order to mix stucco products

Colorado window and door will coordinate all inspections with Regional. To pass final, home must have 5″ height house numbers attached to home. All light fixtures and downspouts must be attached.